Samsung Galaxy i7500 review

Samsung I7500 Galaxy's new, he is the first manufacturer to go after the HTC Android the game, and he does it with a phone, so rich in functionality.

Exclusive to O2 in the UK, the Galaxy is an elegant proposal, but is it enough to find the Koreans firmly into the Android game?

The Galaxy has three characteristics I7500 clear when you pick: it is very thin on 11.9mm fat, it feels very light at 116g and the screen of 3.2 inches may not seem big, but it dominates the frame. Samsung packs the latest OLED technology, so the screen is bright and lively.

The sentiment mirrors that of the jet Phone Samsung - he has a similar structure (if greater) the distribution on the back of the phone and answer a weird spring when the haptic device is clearly within the carefully balanced.
The Samsung I7500 Galaxy

The phone has one other important provision for other Android phones we're used to, with a touch of the research is conducted and the key to the house crushed between the end and back-button.

And instead of the trackball, Samsung has a big hit D-pad with an OK button in the center of the layout, which occupies space and is much more honest, not really necessary.

One of the nice things give Android is a finger-friendly design, reducing the number of times you should reach for the D-pad is minimal and mainly limited to the means to move between the letters when entering text fields and evolution.

We would prefer that the Samsung had declined significantly decreased D-pad and instead gave a slightly larger house, noticed how important this is.

Left side of the cabin that the up / down, which is limited to the volume almost all applications, which is annoying if you want to get things like screen to adjust brightness without using a slider control boards.

The top of the phone has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and microUSB port is easy to open with the former positioned to a headset, never in the way when in the pocket.

The right side of the phone is the key to lock and shutter of the camera, with the former a small button That life will be probably irritate Out Samsung I7500 Galaxy users (more on that later) and the design of a sport pleasant with a good press for auto segmented.

Once again, no front camera to do, but the current iteration Android OS seems not to support him, but it's not a great loss for the moment.

Overall, the presentation of Samsung I7500 Galaxy is very good - it's a bit wide at 56mm, but generally fits almost good enough in the hand and pocket-friendly thanks to its thin and light.

In the box
This is a relatively simple tool in the box O2, with the notable exception of a bizarre case for the Samsung I7500 Galaxy

Other than that there is a new Samsung PC Studio CD for PC connection, a set of 3.5mm handsfree, basic music controls, and microUSB charger and USB cable and user manual and the phone itself.

It is a beautiful pit-box together and feels solid. However, if you have more than £ 240 for a phone on a contract, then you probably want it to be well packed.

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