Samsung Galaxy I7500

The first galaxies ever to be conquered he resigns himself to the power of the T-Mobile G1 Battleship that was until a few months ago, the only one struggling on the new frontier. A new player, the HTC Magic entered the arena a little later and Samsung recently announced their space traveler Galaxy I7500 will be through the field very soon. This is not so different from the HTC Magic, but sports a 5 megapixel camera and AMOLED.

Samsung I7500 outward appearance does remind us of the Galaxy HTC Magic with its special shape and overall look, apart from the navigation buttons below the touch screen 3.2-inch AMOLED capacitive which also has a light sensor for help regulate the brightness. The picture quality is great with saturated color and beautiful. The I7500 is a little thinner than that of magic, and is actually thinner looking Android phone now. Instead of a trackball, it sports a D-Pad with the OK button in the middle and there's another button on the left side of the button with an arrow on the subject, which is basically the alternative button MENU located on HTC manufactured Android phones. The smaller button does not change the mark and actually gets you back to the home screen. Overall, we like all the navigation buttons, because they are large enough and we hope they stay the same on the retail version.

There is a small button on the right side of the phone, marked with a padlock, which does not seem to work on our prototype. We guess it is operational on units of final and the current function of the end key that locks and unlocks now display will be changed. Both 3.5mm jack and microUSB port are on the upper surface of the device and we welcome this with open arms. The rear houses a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and a loudspeaker.

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  1. wah, akku belum pernah pakai hp samsung nih.

  2. @sang cerpenis bercerita
    hehe sama mbak

    @muhammad a vip
    so do i,,,


  3. Kapan Ya punya HP yang kayak gitu....

    dah bosen pake K320i... dah dari kelas 1 SMA... Uhhhhh...

    kok jadi curhat gini... hehehe

    salam kenal Admin...

  4. I like it,hehe..!
    Dari jaman dulu kala susah banget mo komen di blog kamu yang satu.

  5. thanks for sharing Samsung Galaxy I7500 , i like it..

  6. hunyaaa , thx for ur info :D
    i wanna buy one , if i had a lot of money :P

  7. I want buy this gadget. But i am not have money

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  9. Keren Hapenya, harganya berapa nih...?
    mau donk..salam kenal


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