HTC One Max

In the year since the launch of HTC have seen one that your going to be a cutting-edge lightweight processor ' has been '. The Snapdragon processor 600 phone is no longer used in new phones, discarded in favor of Snapdragon 800, which allows faster clock speeds and has an updated graphics processor .

However, it is not something we noticed much in actual use. The HTC One can play almost every game of high-end phones can handle newer ( we tried ) and sequential updates have only improved the performance of the phone .

Excellent features of the phone are still top of their game too. The HTC one is still the phone feels better in the hand of all the high-end Androids, and has better internal speakers than any of its rivals in popularity.
What is also interesting - and a little sad - is that HTC has not quite managed to recreate the spark of genius that led to the subsequent Own HTC phones. There have been two other phones in a single series in the range, the Mini One and HTC HTC One Max, but none have been as good. Unlike the Sony Xperia and Xperia Z1 Compact Ultra Z is not exactly the case of larger and smaller version of the HTC one .

Part of this is due to the way the phones are made. The HTC One has an aluminum frame with inlaid plastic, but the Mini and Max look and feel more like plastic phones with some aluminum plates grafted onto them. They are not as elegant or immaculate as the phone that inspired the HTC One. The Max, in particular, seems a bit of a mess at his side.

Since launching HTC One have been some small changes to the software as well. First, the application offers no longer working - the service has been suspended. This makes it difficult to install even more annoying, but was never active in the first place so at least we have not lost anything.

The latest version of HTC One software also comes with a new application, KeyVPN. This allows you to securely connect to your work computer with the phone - it was a very easy way for HTC to make the phone more entrepreneurial environment. Other than that, you still get everything we discussed in the software section of this review.

A small improvement is interesting that HTC now allows you to get rid of the widget BlinkFeed if you will - one of the most common criticisms of the phone when it launched. However, an obvious downside remains. Sounds small, but irritating. It's too easy to change the keyboard to write in a different language, and change a keyboard from another manufacturer is recommended as soon as you get hold of the phone.

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