Asus Zenfone 4

Asus Zenfone 4 new ultra -budget Android phone Asus . It will not make you go to the list of features are included , but if sold at the right price in the UK , this could certainly be one of the most capable , and low-end phones are desirable .

As you would expect from a phone that sells for $ 99 in the U.S. Asus Zenfone phone 4 is a plastic body does not feel very fancy or expensive . It is light , it is a basic and quite small , thanks to a 4 - inch .

However , the simple design results in low Asus decent looking phone . No adjustments to the design , either , because the bottom of the front of the phone has a concentric circle texture visible on the Transformer tablet device is much more expensive Asus Zenbook Ultrabooks and .

Not a very slim 11.2mm phone , but cheaper , smaller screen phones rarely .

The only element that really sets the Asus Zenfone 4 as a low-end mobile phone is the screen . Not a 4 -inch size is a problem , but the resolution .

It is 800 x 480 pixels , the resolution is only on phones that have to cut a lot of corners to keep costs down . It is a TFT screen , but the screen quality is quite good in its class . The colors are not too washed out and while the limited pixel density , screen Zenfone 4 is not really visible on the block .

Processing power is also quite good between the entry level Android . Instead of using big names such basic processor or Qualcomm chips from companies that are often a cheap mobile phone pictures as MTK , Zenfone 4 has an Intel Atom chip , a 1.2GHz dual-core Z2520 . We can not spend a lot of time with the phone , but it seems to be less lag really much cheaper Android phones .

You only have 4 GB of internal memory with Zenfone 4 , but there is a slot for microSD memory card under the plastic battery cover . The lid also comes in five colors - red , blue and yellow , and black and white . Connectivity is pretty basic . You get Bluetooth , GPS and Wi - Fi , but lost in the NFC .

Version we played with four Zenfone running Android 4.3 , the phone will start with , but the new ZenUI not stuck on top . As often happens , ZenUI not look as good as the standard Android in our eyes , and there is a good chance the custom interface can introduce some lag . Hopefully sale performance will be maintained , however .

Latest Features Zenfone 4 is a series of two cameras , a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a VGA sensor on the front of the base . No ignition and advise not to expect too much from the picture quality of the phone , but the phone of this price often leave the front camera as a cost saving measure . Asus Zenfone February 4

Once you get your hands on Asus Zenfone 4 , which is quite obvious that this is a budget phone . However , if sold at the right price in the UK , this could be one of the most capable ultra mobile - budget thanks to the Intel Atom processor .

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