5 Tips for Creating a Secure Password

A password is a collection of characters used to verify a user log in to a network or system. This password is also known as a password or passcode. Currently, passwords in 2023 are an obligation when we use the internet. If we want to connect to Wi-Fi, we will asked to enter a password, and we will also input a password if we want to enter internet banking or e-mail. A password required difficult character, long, and not easy to guess but easy to remember. This password is important, because if it is easy to guess, our personal information, like e-mail, internet banking, or even our important data, can be easily known to other people.

Therefore, it is necessary to need a secure password, there are 5 tips for creating a secure password:

1. Don't use personal information, be it a name, date of birth, or place of residence our data can be searched on social media. It is not recommended, because it includes general data that can be searched and there is a high risk of being used as a password.

2. The password must consist of at least 8 digits or characters, the longer the better. If possible, it's more than 10-digit characters to make it more secure.

3. Don't use one password for several accounts, use a different password for each account because for example if one password has been hacked the other account is still safe. It's different if the password is the same, then all accounts can be hacked.

4. Make sure to use numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special characters.

5. Use words that are not in the dictionary, because if you try to hack using brute force the chances of being hacked are greater.

6. Use random words, or we use a password generator. Usually available, for example on Apple devices, there is a suggestion for a password. And the password can also be automatically saved on our device.

Examples of correct passwords are K3c4pN4n6k@, kUc!N6T358AnG_, m4Ka#k3Mb46~. Avoid passwords like Budi1961, Indra1990, abc123 because the risk of being hacked is very large. Use the strangest combination possible so that our account is safe from hacking.

And the last thing is to use password managers, like LastPass, 1Password, Google Chrome's password manager, and Password on Apple devices.

source : https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/techsavvy/password-tips/1/#

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  1. Kadang2 terlalu banyak akun, suka lupa kata sandinya. Terima kasih telah berbagi, Mas Rezky.

    1. iya bu terlalu banyak akun dengan password yang berbeda,
      ini dibutuhkan password manager sekalian nyimpan kata sandi yang mau masuk aplikasi kudu pakai password jg


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